Request information

Property Value
Root URL
Requested Host/IP
Port 443
Is usable from external users False


Service Name Endpoint path Namespace WSDL link XML Schema path
SDMX v2.0 with Eurostat extensions WSDL SDMXMessage.xsd
Standard SDMX v2.0 WSDL SDMXMessage.xsd
Standard SDMX v2.1 WSDL SDMXMessage.xsd
SDMX v2.1 Registry WSDL SDMXMessage.xsd


Service name Resource base Swagger Specifications
RESTful API sdmx-rest.yaml
RESTful API 2.0 sdmx-rest.yaml


<b>Warning.</b> This page appears to have been requested using a local or internal host name or IP. The above endpoint URL might not be accessible from external users. Please contact your network administrator to retrieve the external hostname or IP for this web service.